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The AV® rated by Martindale-Hubbell, The Law Offices of Keith M. Hanenian, P.A., is distinguished by a legacy of leadership, advocacy, and unwavering trust. Our firm is committed to delivering top-tier legal representation, catering to a diverse spectrum of clients, including individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, corporations, and municipalities. With over three decades of legal and medical expertise, our team excels in a variety of areas such as personal injury, wrongful death, health care representation, workers’ compensation, commercial liability, general counsel, corporate creation and governance, and more.


This is where my team excels and what we're most passionate about pursuing on behalf of our clients 



Business Law: Comprehensive Legal Solutions for Businesses Our Business Law practice is uniquely tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of modern businesses. As an experienced attorney and consultant our firm offers a rare combination of skills that encompass both the drafting of crucial business documents and the ability to litigate effectively when necessary. *Expertise in Business Formation and Ongoing Affairs Our services begin at the very foundation of your business. We specialize in drafting all documents related to the formation of businesses, ensuring that your venture stands on solid legal ground from day one. Beyond formation, we provide ongoing counsel to handle all business-related affairs. This includes creating and reviewing contracts, agreements, and any other legal documents essential for the smooth operation and protection of your business. *Strategic Legal Counsel for Brand and Digital Presence In today's digital world, maintaining a strong brand and online presence is vital. We offer specialized legal advice to help businesses navigate the complexities of brand awareness, including trademark and logo protection. Our expertise extends to guiding companies in establishing and growing a robust social media presence, ensuring compliance with legal standards while maximizing outreach and impact. *Litigation: Preparedness for Every Eventuality What sets our practice apart is the readiness to not only draft and manage business documents but also to represent and defend your interests in court should the need arise. This dual capability ensures that your business is prepared for every eventuality, providing a seamless transition from contractual preparation to litigation, should disputes or legal challenges occur. *A Partner in Your Business Success Choosing our firm means partnering with a law firm that understands the intricacies of business law and is committed to your success. Whether it’s navigating daily business matters, safeguarding your brand, or representing you in complex litigations, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, knowledgeable, and effective legal support.



National Leader in Medical Spa Aesthetic Consulting and Legal Services Our firm stands at the forefront of legal and consulting services for entrepreneurs and business owners in the medical spa and aesthetic industry across the nation. Led by Keith Hanenian, a seasoned attorney and co-founder/general counsel of a successful medical practice, our firm offers unparalleled insights and expertise in this niche field. We specialize in drafting critical documents such as protocols, consents, and employment agreements, and provide ongoing legal support tailored to the evolving needs of the aesthetic spa industry. *Comprehensive Legal and Growth Counsel Our services extend beyond legal documentation; we play a pivotal role in guiding medical spas through formation and growth phases, helping them navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the industry. With Keith's personal experience in starting and managing a medical practice, combined with his legal acumen, clients receive advice that is both legally sound and practically tested. This unique blend of hands-on experience and legal expertise ensures that our clients are well-equipped to flourish in this dynamic sector. *Collaborative Expertise with Medical-Legal Insights Enhancing our legal services, Kristen Hanenian, APRN, AGNP-C, LE a board-certified nurse practitioner and founder of Elite Medical Aesthetics and Age Management, contributes as a medical-legal consultant. Her involvement provides real-time solutions and insights, adding immense value to our national client base. This collaborative approach between legal and medical expertise allows us to offer comprehensive, practical, and informed counsel, setting our clients on a path to success in the medical spa and aesthetic industry.



Selective and Experienced Personal Injury Representation At our firm, we bring over 30 years of experience to our selective personal injury practice. Our approach is unique; we carefully choose cases that align with our expertise and values, focusing on delivering the highest quality of legal representation. Our experience spans a broad range of personal injury cases, including car accidents, slip and falls, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. By leveraging our extensive experience in representing businesses and insurance companies, we provide a distinct advantage to individuals seeking justice and compensation. *Client-Centric Advocacy Our firm is committed to advocating for individuals who face life-altering challenges due to personal injuries. We typically represent clients who come to us through referrals, underscoring the trust and confidence our ongoing client relationships and reputation have cultivated. This selective approach ensures that each case receives the dedicated attention and resources it deserves. Our goal is to not just advocate for our clients but to understand and address the full impact of their injuries on their lives and families. *Leveraging Broad Legal and Business Expertise Our depth of knowledge in medical-related legal areas, combined with our hands-on experience in business operations and setup, positions us uniquely in the field of personal injury law. This, along with the extensive network and insights gained from our podcast growth and social media presence, enables us to provide comprehensive and effective advocacy. We are dedicated to securing the best possible outcomes for our clients, helping them navigate the complexities of their cases with expertise and compassion.



Workers' Compensation Defense Expertise With over three decades of dedicated practice in workers' compensation defense across Florida, the firm has established a reputation for excellence in navigating complex and high-stakes cases. Keith's expertise extends to intricate coverage disputes, identifying the proper employer in multifaceted situations, handling high exposure claims, and managing heavily litigated matters. *In-Depth Knowledge and Strategic Approach Our approach is grounded in a deep and nuanced understanding of Florida's workers' compensation laws, ensuring that our clients receive knowledgeable and strategic legal representation. We specialize in dissecting coverage disputes, providing clarity and resolution in cases where policy interpretations are pivotal. In scenarios involving multiple potential employers or complex employment situations, we meticulously determine the proper employer, ensuring that liabilities are correctly assigned and justly managed. High exposure claims demand a level of finesse and expertise that comes with years of specialized practice. We are adept at handling these sensitive cases, balancing aggressive legal strategies with a focus on minimizing financial and reputational risks for our clients. Our firm is also proficient in navigating the intricacies of heavily litigated workers' compensation matters, where our tenacious and detail-oriented approach consistently yields favorable outcomes. *Tailored Representation Across Florida Our clients benefit from personalized representation that is tailored to the unique challenges of their cases. We understand that each workers' compensation matter has its own nuances, and we dedicate ourselves to offering bespoke legal solutions. Whether our clients are dealing with a complex high exposure claim or a contentious coverage dispute, they can rest assured that their case is being handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise. By entrusting your workers' compensation defense to our firm, you are securing a partner who is deeply committed to your interests and unmatched in the field for both experience and skill.

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